DGME Workvivo (Dollar General Employee App)

Dollar General associates are facilitated by an intelligent company communication platform, i.e., the DGme App powered by Workvivo.

Through this user-friendly platform, employees keep their teams connected, stay up to date with company-activities feed, news, and events, share posts and updates with images and videos, etc.

Users of the Workvivo app say that the support is incredible for global employee connection, helpful for growing the organization’s family, etc.

If you are new to Dollar General Corporation and haven’t set up the DGme Workvivo app, let me show you how to do so in a few easy steps.

Download the DGMe Workvivo App

You should know Dollar General’s new employees’ requirements before setting up your account. That is:

  • A device (smartphone, laptop, tab, etc.)
  • DG Me login details
  • Fast internet connection
  • SSO key generator
DGME Workvivo
DGME Workvivo

To set up the DG Me App, follow the easy steps provided. First, you need to download the App. There are two ways to download the Dollar General Workvivo app. Let’s know what they are:

  1. First Way: Search “DGMe Workvivo” on your iPhone/iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store. You can also download the app from the official website: https://www.dollargeneral.com/HR/workvivo.
  2. Second Way: Scan the QR code from the official website https://www.dollargeneral.com/ to download the app.

Setup your Account Now!

After downloading the app, you must set up your account with valid details. Let me show you how to do this:

  • After downloading the app, the employee login page will open. Enter your Login ID, Initials, and Password.
  • Click the Login button.
  • If you have submitted the authorized credentials, you will be redirected to the DGme welcome page. “You’re authenticated and ready to go. Click below to get started.”
  • Click on the Launch DGme button.
  • Now, you can access activity feeds, recent updates, bookmarks, etc.

Note: When you re-open the app, it will refresh to the DGme icon.

App Store usersGet Now
Google Play Store usersGet Here


Who develops the DGme App?

DGMe is powered by Workvivo.

How do I find my login ID for Workvivo DGme login?

If you have a DG email account, please type your username in the Login ID field. If not, enter your employee ID.

Is it compulsory to download the DGme Workvivo app?

No, it is not mandatory. But it’s helpful for every employee, so every Dollar General associate downloads it to stay up-to-date with company activities.

Is the DGME Workvivo app safe?

Yes, this app is error-free, safe, and user-friendly. You can feel comfortable downloading and using it.


The DGME Workvivo app works as a central hub. This platform is operated daily by authorized Dollar General employees to stay connected, informed, and engaged with company news, announcements, etc. If you are new to Dollar General and don’t know how to set up the app for professional use, this article will show you how to download the app and set it up for further use.

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